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Join the Net Zero Movement – Act Now!

End our dependence on fossil fuels

Do you want to help save Earth’s Climate?

Do you want to help build wealth in your community by ending the outflow of money to multi-national energy companies?

Do you want your Campus to stop using fossil fuel?

If Yes to those questions, then Join the Net Zero Movement Now and start taking Net Zero Actions.  Help everyone learn about and get started toward the Age of Free Energy.  We’ll give you everything you need for Net Zero Actions in your city and on your campus.

How can I start? 

There are two very significant things everyone can do to help the Net Zero Movement: 

1) Share this website with everyone you can — the more people and links we have, the more powerful we will be.  By sharing Net Zero Foundation, you join our team and together we will change the world.  We won’t ask you for money, but we do need you on the Net Zero Team. 

The easiest way to share the site is to use the Facebook and Twitter links (at upper right).  Even more powerful is to place our linking logo on your website — see the Friends Page to download the script.

2) Give a presentation to your City Council and every group you can.  We have a couple of different presentation available for you to download and give.  Most City Councils have a Public Comment Period when every citizen can get up an make a presentation.  You will probably need to print out the slides for this.  This is very easy — we have even prepared a short script for you to give with each slide, but once you talk about it enough you too will be a good speaker even without any notes.  Just believe in what you are saying and you will be amazed how much impact you can have. 

**Check back soon** for presentations you can give your City Council or other group.

To give a very powerful presentation to any group, you want  to really understand and believe in Net Zero.  You should be able to find everything you need for this on our website, so do study everything here well before standing up before a public group.  Here is a brief synopsis of what you should know:

Net Zero is Now — It is Not a Debate Anymore

Net Zero is not a far-fetched dream, but the historical convergence of these 4 factors:

  • Renewable Energy technologies for pollution-free and cost-free energy,
  • Climatological need to eliminate fossil fuels,
  • Rapidly growing “Green Bond” and PACE financing for Renewable Energy, and
  • Widespread public and government interest in alternative energy and energy conservation.

Historic Convergence

This historic convergence of factors gives us the unique opportunity to make a rapid start toward Net Zero.  Reaching the ultimate goal of all our buildings and cars powering themselves will not happen overnight. It will take 1-2 generations to fully implement, but we very realistically could get 25% of our homes and businesses moving toward Net Zero within 5 years.  The upgrade of all our buildings will take 20-40 years.  This can all be done at no net cost — all we need is the willpower and Leadership.


Net Zero is a win-win-win! Implementing Net Zero (PV/GHP/EE) gives the home or building owner a win with lower or no energy bills.  All our communities win with more Clean Energy jobs.  We all win with the reduction of pollution and the elimination of climate risk.  Once we have in a broad way expanded PV/GHP/EE for our buildings, we will all win because the current outflow of funds for energy from our communities will have stopped and our economy will thrive.  Net Zero can usher in a truly historic win-win-win for us all.

Net Zero Timeline

Net Zero is the path that we are on and we are at the starting gate. At the goal posts in 30-40 years is a society where we have eliminated the need for most fossil fuels for homes, businesses, industry, and transportation. The only question is ‘how far have we moved toward Net Zero?’

Let Us Know How It Goes

If you have any questions or a report on how a presentation went, please post a comment on our Net Zero Movement LinkedIn Forum.  You will get good help and encouragement from the community.  And, absolutely do not be afraid to ask basic questions — there are no silly questions, and many other people will benefit from the back and forth discussion that will occur.